Data is beautiful and our mission at AdaBeta is to use data analytics and machine learning to make our planet a better world. We do this by working together with clients that share our values. As a team we work towards creating a better world where everyone has equal opportunities and where our planet is treated as the valuable resource that she truly is.

Data is everything and data is everywhere. Most of the data in the world seems irrelevant or mundane but it rarely is. AdaBeta uses both online and offline data to create amazing algorithms to solve small and bigger problems. Modelling how a local bookshop can remain economically relevant in a digital world or using global worldwideweb data to alert our clients about major developments in the current COVID-19 crisis – AdaBeta harnesses the power of data.


Ada Beta has gotten its name from a combination of inspirational sources. Our founder Laura is both an avid data-lover as well as a reader. It is therefor fitting that with Ada we pay homage to one of the most influental women in computer sciences Ada Lovelace. Ada was an English mathematician and writer, with her main work being on the Analytical Engine. A mechanical general-purpose computer developed by Charles Babbage. It is through this work that she is recognised as being one of the first, if not the first, to recognise that such a machine (or computer) had applications beyond pure calculation. She understood that such a machine can also carry out sequential protocols and and is believed by some to have published the first algorithm.

Being such a foundational figure in the world of computer programming clearly made her an obvious choice to become part of our name; she had long ago set the wheels in motion on the very essence of our company; data-based computer science.

Ada LoveLace


Beta is derived from the Dutch term for the broader group of exact and mathematically-inclined sciences; the Beta studies. They are in contrast to the alpha studies such as languages and philosophy.

Our company is grounded in mathematics and statistics and our main ingredient is data. Big Data to be specific. In order to properly research and analyse this data we have created a multitude of mathematical models and created a machine-learning algorithm that allows us to deliver actionable results.

Our work therefor pivots on the mathematical world and its applications in the field of statistical analysis. We are proud to include Beta in our name as a reference to this essential building block of our work.

Our clients use us for projects ranging from online marketing, operational efficiency, investment research and improved disease protocols. •If you feel our analytical and machine learning capabilities could be a match with your ambitions we would love to hear from you @