Data is Beautiful

Data is beautiful and our mission at AdaBeta is to use data analytics and machine learning to make our planet a better world. We do this by working together with clients that share our values. As a team we work towards creating a better world where everyone has equal opportunities and where our planet is treated as the valuable resource that she truly is. Data is everything and data is everywhere. Most of the data in the world seems irrelevant or mundane but it rarely is. AdaBeta uses both online and offline data to create amazing algorithms to solve small and bigger problems. Modelling how a local bookshop can remain economically relevant in a digital world or using global worldwideweb data to alert our clients about major developments in the current COVID-19 crisis – AdaBeta harnesses the power of data. Our clients use us for projects ranging from online marketing, operational efficiency, investment research and improved disease protocols. •If you feel our analytical and machine learning capabilities could be a match with your ambitions we would love to hear from you @

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