Qualitative Research & Consultancy

Almost no field can generate as much data as that of financial investments. Through quantitative and qualitative research many investment managers and specialists are trying to gain an edge over their competitors and the markets at large. Quite a few of them have started to fully appreciate the value of data in this field. AdaBeta focusses solely on fixed income consultancy with an ESG mandate or focus. Our data analysis will help you and yur team to identify relative value between various investments, allow for informed debtor selection processes and even micro-analyse entire consumer loan portfolios.

Investing in fixed income securities is often compared to running an insurance company. As long as all is well you get paid a premium, as soon as trouble starts you will have to pay up. In this case it makes sense to limit the amount of damage trouble can cause – especially relative to the premium received. Our proprietary algorithm can offer you the insight needed to pinpoint those investments with the optimal risk-return profile given set investment restrictions. Using both online data as well as financial data services such as Bloomberg and Intex we can provide analytical consultancy that will help you optimise your portfolio – or focus just on those specific parts that would require additional due diligence.

AdaBeta is not a licensed investment firm and does not offer investment advice in any shape or form. Our analytical tools will be made available to our clients and their decisons will be theirs and theirs alone. As such we can only offer these services to Professional Investors as determined under MIFID regulations. No part of our work can be viewed as investment advice or an offer to buy or sell any regulated or unregulated securities.