Applied Data Sciences

Every company has a treasure trove of data in its CRM system. Clients, business that was lost, repeat customers, referrals and loads more. Often this data is dumped in an analog format that makes it difficult to us this as a supporting tool for decision-making. Ada Beta will work with you to analyse the existing data, format this so we can properly identify the potential leads and clients with the most added value.

Using these insights we can provide our algorithm with the correct optimisation settings. Which potential leads will be shown our advertising and how do we best tailor the advertising and landing pages to the desired outcomes. Visually we compare this proces with a meatgrinder; the inputs being a dynamic mix of proprietary CRM data, Google Ads & Analytics and the broader data from social media. These inputs, however, still need to be mixed in the right way and aimed towards the desired optimisation. For this we use the settings (the panel on the left) where we select the specific clients we want to target.

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The final outcome is then a set of guided darts; targeted marketing campaigns  aimed at unique subsets of leads and clients. Depending on the chosen marketing approach (Google, FaceBook, remarketing, upselling to existing clients etc) these can then be used to optimise the return on investment for the marketing budget.  Ou partners have enjoyed cost savings of 40-50% per actual sales conversion enabling a sales and revenue growth of more than 75% on average.


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