Making the Best of a Bad Situation; Rising like a Phoenix


Every good company can go through hard times. Be that through changes in the industry, regulations or external factors like this year’s global economic lockdown. In the event that a restructuring of the business is required there are a couple of areas to focus on; balance sheet, post-event cashflow management, client relationships and post-event business development being among the most important ones.

Ada Beta has worked with a variety of companies during the COVID-19 crisis to ensure the right outcome for our partners. Coming out stronger with a new business model, data-driven client acquisition at lower costs and higher percentages of revenue coming through repeat customers and referrals rather than the more expensive marketing and business development of new clients.

Through our Artificial Intelligence models we are able to combine the separate parts and create on coherent solution for the overall business. Optimising the use of the right resources, lowering the expenses involved in generating business and keeping the time to recover cashflows to a minimum.

We integrate the online marketing, internal operational excellence models and other business models to achieve this. Our partners use us as trusted advisors; especially in difficult times we can make the difference for your business.

Are you interested in finding out how Ada Beta can make your business can go from a stress scenario to accelerated growth; contact us!