Mapping a Client Database

One of our partners started with a very limited CRM database; only the most basic information was provided in a format that could be used for analysis. There was however a wealth of soft information that our partner possessed. This was stored in a variety of digital and analog data sources; emails, anecdotes, personal knowledge and experience.

Ada Beta first set out to create a subset of clients (leads, lost, prospects, repeat, etc.) that reflected the main subgroups. Our partner came up with a list of clients that they felt reflected their business and Ada Beta added her own wishlist. This overall subset was then used to create an enriched digital database where all the additional datapoints were added to the base level.

During two sessions we were then able to build out this subset to a full functioning dataset and create a basis for all the other clients to enrich their datapoints.

Overall this process took 2 months and completely elevated the dataset, the client insight and the ability to create targeted online advertising. Ada Beta’s ability to work with different teams within our partners towards a common goal delivered the right result!

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