The Power of Incentives and Alignment of Interests

Ada Beta is a profit center for your business; pure and simple. We enhance your data, data capabilities and operational excellence processes with one goal in mind; to improve the long-term value and bottom-line of your business.

In order to truly align interests we always agree a performance fee structure with our partners where we are rewarded for actual results. Not for prospects or low quality leads, not for website visitors, not for choosing a different colour & mood scheme. Only for actual business results that can be measured at the bottom-line. Whether this is through increased sales, higher returns on your marketing budget, improved customer loyalty or a deluge in referrals – we set the right goals with you and apply our resources.

A unique feature of this system is that we work with our partners to set the performance fee; we both need to feel that this is a winning combination of incentives and actual deliverable results.

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