Online Marketing using Dynamic Advertising & Campaigns

Our partners operate in a competitive world. The clients that they service are aggressively sought after by others, either with similar offerings or with services that compete for the same share of wallet. This fierce competition is mirrored in the online marketing with various bidding strategies, specific choices in client targeting and competing specials (i.e. discounts & loyalty bonuses).

In order to stay ahead in this market it is essential that the chosen advertising strategy is perfectly matched to the client-base, the product offering and the chosen strategy that the competitors are deploying. Whether the competitive landscape is based in mortgages & financing, asset management, clothing & apparel, driving licenses, professional services, food & beverages, building & construction or another one – in 2020 the battle for the clients has gone online and the you need to be at the very top to be relevant.

Ada Beta deploys state-of-the-art mathematical models to ensure that your online strategy is dynamically optimised given the relevant inputs. We do this by focusing on your core USPs rather than playing defense versus the competition. We ensure that your competitors will have to play defense all the time!

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